Accepting purchases with the Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart appears in both your Business App Store and your Public Store and allows your Business App users and customers to purchase multiple products and services from your Store simultaneously.

To ensure that your customers get the most out of your Store when using the Shopping Cart, follow the steps below. 


Set up Vendasta Payments

Once you have enabled Vendasta Payments, you will be able to accept credit card payments from your customers via the Shopping Cart.

When Vendasta Payments is not set up, customers will still be able to submit an order for products in their Shopping Cart. 


Set your Store’s currency


Ensure that your Store is set to the correct currency for displaying retail prices. 

  • Go to Partner Center > Marketplace > Manage Store
  • Under the Currency tab, you can see the currency your Store displays prices in. Ensure that this currency matches the currency that you can accept using Vendasta Payments.
  • If necessary, you can adjust your Store’s currency by clicking the lock icon to make changes. 
    • Note that changing the currency of your Store will affect all product and package prices that are currently set in a different currency from the one you select. We suggest reviewing the products and packages in your Store to ensure that they are priced in the intended currency before making changes to this setting.


Review and set retail prices

A product’s retail price is used to calculate the price of a package and is used automatically when an individual product is added to an invoice. To ensure that a package’s price accurately reflects the value of the products and services that it contains, it may be necessary to set or update the retail price of individual products.

  • Go to Partner Center > Marketplace > Products
  • Select a product
  • Go to the Product Info tab for the product you’ve selected
  • You can view the retail price for the product you’ve selected under the Retail Price section. If no retail price is set, or the retail price is inaccurate, click the lock icon to update the price.

If you do not set a retail price for the products you sell, the packages and invoices you create will default to the Suggested Retail Price for your store’s currency. 


Review your Store’s packages


Package pricing

To allow for better insight into the unit economics of each product you sell, we’ve updated package pricing to be automatically calculated based on the sum of each contained product’s retail price, minus a percentage discount. 

Customers can only purchase a package through the Shopping Cart if the package has been updated using the new package editing and pricing interface. To update the pricing on packages that were created using the old pricing model, go to Partner Center > Marketplace > Packages and select a package to edit. Packages that need to be updated will be highlighted.

When viewing a package using the old pricing model, click the Use new package pricing link at the top to automatically convert the package. 



Purchase behavior

The Purchase behavior setting allows partners to specify the behavior and messaging of the button in the Pricing section of a package in their Store. Selecting Add to Shopping Cart under this setting allows your customers to add these items to their Shopping Cart. Note that the Add to Shopping Cart option replaces the Sales Order option, which only allowed a customer to submit one package per sales order. 



“Starting At” and “Contact Sales” options  

If a customer’s cart contains one or more packages with the following settings, they will be unable to purchase the contents of their cart using a credit card. Instead, the checkout process will submit a sales order for the contents of their cart.

  • “Show as Starting At price”, which causes packages to display a price Starting at $x / frequency when viewed in your Store
  • “Show Contact Sales instead of price”, which replaces the package’s price with a prompt to Contact Sales when viewed in the Store 
  • Packages that are using the old package pricing settings 

For partners who have not set up Vendasta Payments to accept credit card payments from your customers, the Shopping Cart checkout process will always submit a sales order. 

Add your own Terms of Service 

Partners who would like to surface their own Terms of Service to customers at the time of purchase can do so on the Order Confirmation page of the Shopping Cart. 

Go to Partner Center > Administration > Customize > Sales, and click Configure orders and sales processes under the Sales Processes section. Under the Customer Terms of Service Configuration setting, you will have the option to attach your own Terms of Service document, which will be accessible for users on the Order Confirmation page for both purchases and sales orders made using the Shopping Cart.

Additionally, clicking + Add Terms of Service will allow for more customization and formatting of your Terms of Service messaging, including explanatory text and the title of the link that will lead to your Terms of Service document. Partners also have the option to require their customers to click a checkbox to signify that they agree to the Terms of Service before completing their purchase or order.


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