Add a user list to a campaign

Once you've created a user list, you can send an email campaign to the users in that list by adding the list to a campaign.

To add a user list to a campaign:

  1. Go to Partner Center Businesses Lists User lists
  2. Find the list you want to add to the campaign, then click Add to campaign at the end of the row. 
  3. Select a campaign.
  4. Select a start date and time for the campaign (optional).
  5. Select who the campaign should be sent from, then click Next.
  6. Select an account to use for unassociated users (optional). See below for more information.
  7. Click Start campaign.

Why select an account for unassociated users?

Each user must have account data to receive a campaign. If you do not select an account, unassociated users in your list will not receive the campaign.

What does this mean?

When you select an account:

  • The unassociated users in your list will receive the campaign.
  • If your campaign includes any dynamic components, data from the account will be used to fill in the content for those components.
  • The unassociated users will not be associated with the account.
  • Any users who are already associated with an account will not be affected.

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