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Request Approval for Review Responses

Before responding to a customer review on behalf of your clients, you may need to contact those clients for approval. You can send emails directly from Review tasks in Task Manager.

NOTE: Marketing Services may contact your clients directly if using their services.

How does requesting approval for review responses work?

You can send the request for approval from any Review task:

  1. Navigate to Open Task Manager > Tasks
  2. Use the Filters to find review tasks that require a response. We suggest selecting those with an Open status to find reviews without a response and using the reviews filter.
  3. Choose from an AI suggested response, a template, or draft your own.
  4. Click Request Approval

The email will be delivered to all Business App users and notification recipients on that account, provided they have Review Response Approval enabled in their notification settings.


Note: These settings are set in Business App by the user and are not configured in Task Manager. Business App users can toggle on ' Review Response Approval' in the Business App > Settings > Notification Settings > Reputation Management.

What's in the email?

This email will include:

  • A custom greeting
  • The source of the review
  • The name of the reviewer
  • The body of the email (e.g. "Please approve within 24 hours")
  • The content of the review
  • A signature

Once the email is sent, Task Manager will record the time within a public note for that task, and then change the task status to “Waiting on Customer.”

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