Customize the Domain for the My Listing page

There are a few different ways to customize the URL of your listing:

1. Custom Slug: When the client wants to keep their listing at your Local SEO domain but would like to customize the end of the URL (the slug).

  • Open Local SEO > go to the My Listing tab > Manage My Listing.
  • Go to the Domains sub-tab.
  • In the Edit Slug field, enter what you’d like the URL to read after the root domain. Replace all spaces with dashes.

Cost: Free


2. Custom Domain: When the client has no other website and wants to use their listing as their main website (Ex. You will need to add TXT and A Record entries in the client's DNS Settings. 

3. Custom Domain on mobile subdomain: When the client has a separate desktop website but wants to use their listing as their mobile site (Ex. Desktop site at, but their listing at You will need to add TXT and CNAME entries in the client's DNS Settings.

If you would like your listing set up on option 2 or 3, please email with the account name and URL you would like it to be set up on. 


*If your client uses Google Apps, Google will send them an email notification once we have verified the TXT Record. The email will include the Vendasta representative's email address that verified the record. 

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