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Customizing Snapshot Reports

Customizing an Individual Snapshot Report

Customizing the Snapshot Report can ensure that it fits perfectly with the sales story you're telling your prospects. With so many different elements to customize, it can lead to many questions. Below are answers to common questions about Snapshot Report customization. 

The Snapshot Report can be customized through Partner Center or Sales & Success Center

To view and edit the Snapshot Report for an individual account from Sales & Success Center, click on the Snapshot Report icon from the Accounts page. 

The side panel will open on the right. Click 'View Full Report.'


From Partner Center, navigate to Accounts > Manage Accounts > Click the Snapshot Report icon, and then select 'Edit Report.'

Beside each section in the Snapshot Report, there is a toggle. This toggle indicates which sections will show in the Snapshot Report to the client. If you do not want to show a section, simply un-toggle the section before you view the report.


You can also edit the message that appears in each section by selecting the Edit Message button. 



Rearrange the order in that sections appear by dragging and dropping the items in the left-hand column.


Watch the video here

Customizing the Default Snapshot Report Template

You can manage the default Snapshot template for all new Accounts via Partner Center > Administration > Customize > Partner Branding > Sales > Edit Default Snapshot Template or for each Market via Partner Center > Administration > Customize > Markets > [Market Name] > Sales > Edit Default Snapshot Template.

Here you’ll see a blank Snapshot Report where you can select the sections you'd like to edit.

Keep in mind that your salespeople will still have the power to enable sections that are disabled by default and edit the marketing messages for each section.

Can I personalize videos on the Snapshot Report? 

No - but you can change the voiceover, the message next to the video, or you can remove them. 

Can you remove letter grades from the Snapshot Report?

Letter grades can be removed from Snapshot Reports both across all accounts or on an individual basis.

To remove them from all future reports, go to Partner Center > Administration > Customize > Sales > Edit Default Snapshot Template. 


Once you're in the template edit screen, deselect 'Show letter grades and Overall Score'.

You also have the option of only removing the secondary letter grades, which are the grades found within each section. This will allow you to continue showing the overall grade for each section, but remove grading for each data point.

NOTE: This will remove letter grades for all Snapshots created after the change in the template. 


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