Custom Headers in the Snapshot Report

The Snapshot Report incorporates both a header and footer that you can customize via the Partner Center Customization options.

  1. Go to Partner Center > Administration > Customize
  2. Once in the customization menu, go to Sales > Snapshot Banner
  3. To begin customizing the header, open up the 'source code' option (<>)
  4. Insert your custom HTML into the 'source code' and click Ok
  5. Click Save & Continue

Note: Remember to use the 'Preview' feature available before saving your changes, to use in-line or scoped CSS when adding your custom source code and that any images must be externally hosted.

Sample HTML Text


<div class="call-to-action" style="background: #3FAAE0; border: 3px solid #308CED; border-radius: 2px;">
<img src="//" alt="" />
<h1 style="color: white;">Fix Your Online Reputation</h1>
<p style="color: white;">Nearly 75% of people lose trust in brands with inaccurate business listingsand 90% of people look to online reviews when making purchase decisions. <strong>Make sure you&rsquo;re not losing real money because of bad listings and reviews. With our suite of free tools, you can begin strengthening your online presence in minutes.</strong></p>
<a class="cta-button snapshot-cta-button" style="background-color: #3d9a63;" target="_blank">Get Started Today</a>
<a class="snapshot-salesperson-phone-container" target="_blank">Call Us Today</a>

Note: To change the background colour, find this piece of code div class="call-to-action" style="background: #3FAAE0;. Replace #3FAAE0 with the hex code for the colour you'd prefer as the background. 

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