Acquisition Widget Overview

The Acquisition Widget is a lead generation tool you can embed on your website to acquire new leads. While browsing your website, your visitors can provide their contact information through this widget to see how their business is performing online or to try free products.

Once a visitor provides their details, you can configure the widget to perform the following actions automatically:

  • Create a Snapshot Report
  • Assign the visitor to a salesperson and send the salesperson a hot lead notification
  • Add the visitor to a customer acquisition campaign
  • Activate products, including:
    • Reputation Management | Standard
    • Local SEO
    • Social Marketing | Standard
    • Customer Voice | Standard
    • Advertising Intelligence
    • Website | Standard
    • CalendarHero (Basic)
Note: You'll be subject to the standard Snapshot Report and product fees for each account created with the widget.

The widget comes with a wizard that gives you the flexibility to customize the text, container design, and colors. You can set up a widget for every market you have.


How does it work?

To start using the Acquisition Widget, you'll need to create a widget in Partner Center > Marketing > Acquisition Widgets. Then, embed this widget on relevant pages throughout your website.

When a website visitor submits their contact information, the widget will allow them to search for their business.

  • If the lead finds their business, they can submit their information. The widget will automatically collect the rest of the details about their business.
  • If the lead doesn’t find their business, they will click Can’t find your business? Click here. This option will take them to a form to provide their business details manually.

The assigned salesperson will then be notified so they can get in touch with the lead ASAP. Simultaneously, a new Snapshot Report will be created, the lead will be added to the customer acquisition campaign of your choice, and/or products will be activated (depending on your configuration)—allowing you to stay top of mind until they’re ready to buy.

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