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The Advertising section of the Snapshot report can be a powerful tool to help sell your clients SEO services but it can also lead to many questions from your prospects. Below are some answers to common questions about this section.

What keywords does the Advertising section use?
The Advertising section of the Snapshot Report currently identifies the top 5 keywords for your prospect's business based on content gathered from their website and business information.

Why don't these keywords match the ones my prospect is currently running?
If these keywords don't match your prospects, it could mean that their current keywords are not ones that are considered in the top 5 for their business based on their location, business information, and the content of their website.

How does the Advertising section analyze these keywords?

The Advertising section analyzes the search results for the first 10 results per page, which means we analyze the top 8 ad results. We then compare with the top keywords of your prospect to determine the data that's displayed in this section.

Why aren't my prospect's keywords in the top 8 results?
Your prospect's keywords may not be in these top 8 ad results for a number of reasons. If your prospect is using unique keywords, these likely won't fall under those top ad results. Keywords that are considered unique and may not be in those ad results could be your prospect's company name, the names of their unique products, common misspellings of their brand or product, or unique long tail keywords. 

What should I tell my prospect if they're running ad campaigns but the Advertising section isn't showing any data?

This is likely due to the fact that they're still not showing up within the top 8 ad results. This could be happening if your prospect is using unique keywords or their keywords just don't fall within these top 5 keywords our system identified. If this is the case, this could be a great opportunity to let them know they may want to consider changing their keywords on active campaigns or start a new campaign for those top 5 keywords that the report identified. 

What if their ad campaign is showing engagement but the Advertising section is showing an F?

The Advertising section only gathers keyword analytics data at the national level which is most likely the cause of this. If Snapshot Report is showing an F but your prospect is seeing engagement from their ad campaign, they're probably ranking at the local level. Because our system is limited to the top 100 results for around 500 million global keywords, we are unable to display keyword data from the local level. 

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