Why Isn't My Automation Running?

There are several reasons why your automation, or a step in your automation might not be running:

  1. The automation must be turned On using the toggle button in the top-right of the automation editor.



2. The automation may be configured to run once per account, which is the default behavior. To allow the automation to run multiple times per account, update the Entry settings in the Settings tab of the automation. 


3. The automation may have encountered an error. Check the Activity tab for error messages. If you would like the automation to keep running when an error occurs, update the Error handling settings in the Settings tab of the automation.



4. The automation may have a trigger condition that doesn't match any accounts. Double-check how your trigger is set up to make sure accounts meet all of the criteria.


5. The automation may have a step that only makes sense after a delay occurs, but no delay was provided. For example, you may build automation that starts with a trigger of an account being created, and then an if/else branch based on the salesperson assigned to the account. In this case, it takes about 10 mins to assign a salesperson to an account once the account is created. Since that delay is not accounted for in the automation, the automation will stop running when it gets to the if/else branch.


6. The automation may have a step that can only run once per account under any circumstance, which can't be changed. For example, an email campaign can only be sent once to the same account. If you build automation that involves sending a campaign to an account, and you want the automation to run multiple times per account, the automation will have errors since it can't send the campaign multiple times.

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