Create user lists/Bulk import users

To create a user list/bulk import users:

  1. Go to Partner Center > Accounts > Manage Users.
  2. Click Import Users.
    You can also go to Partner Center > Accounts > Lists, click on the User lists tab, then click Import List.
  3. Upload a CSV file with user data:
    1. Download the CSV template.
    2. Add user data to the CSV file.
      • You can add the following data for each user:
        • First name
        • Last name
        • Email (required)
        • Phone number
        • Account identifier (maximum of 100 users per account identifier)
          You can find an account identifier by going to an account details page (Partner Center > Accounts > Manage Accounts > Select Accounts). The account identifier will show in the URL in the form of 'AG-xxxxxxxxxx.' Or, you can find it on the bottom corner of the Business Profile information.

          For example, AG-XB8PPGQ8XR is the account identifier in the following URL:
        • Language code
        • Greeting name
    3. Click Select file... to upload the CSV file.
    4. Click Next.


  4. Add the users to a list.
    1. If you want to add these users to an email campaign, you'll need to add them to a user list. You can select an existing list, create a new list, or skip this step. If you skip this step, the imported users won't be added to a list—they'll just be added to Accounts > Manage Users.
    2. Click Next.


  5. Review the import.
    • If you want to update existing users on the platform, select Update existing users. This will replace information in the platform with data from the file.
    • If you leave this option unchecked and your CSV contains an email that already exists in the platform, a user with the same email will not be created.
      When updating existing users:
      • A new first name, last name, greeting name, phone number, or language preference will replace existing information on the platform. 
      • A new associated account will be added to an existing user on the platform. Any accounts that are currently associated with a user will remain.
      • Any fields that are left blank during the update will not remove existing information.


  6. Click Finish.

You'll receive a notification when the import is complete.


Create a user list

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