Activate Products

Ordering workflow

To give your customers access to your products and services, you'll need to activate them on their accounts. This can be done either individually or in bulk.

Individual accounts

Multiple accounts

Individual accounts

To activate a product or package for an individual account, go to Partner Center > Accounts > Accounts and view an account.

  1. Click Order Products.p3.png

  2. Select the items you want to activate.

    1. Want to activate Reputation Management from the demo? When your Salespeople create a prospect in the Sales & Success Center, they automatically create a Reputation Management demo. As such, the activation process for the Reputation Management demo is a little different than it is for any other product—you’ll need to convert the demo to “paid.”

    2. Can't find a certain item in the list? Make sure to start selling it first. It may take a few minutes to appear after you start selling.

  3. Click Proceed to Next Step.

  4. Fill out any order form questions required for the items you’ve chosen, then click Next.

  5. Review the order contents and edit item prices.

  6. Choose a method for collecting payment.

  7. Choose an activation date for the items in the order.

  8. Once you’ve confirmed that the order is correct, click Purchase to complete the order and pay the wholesale cost of the items ordered. 

Once wholesale payment for the order is received, and once approval is received from any vendors that require approval before activating their products, the items in the order will be activated according to the activation date you chose.

You can also activate products from the Account Details screen. To access this page, go to Partner Center > Accounts > Accounts and click on the account name.

If your customers have access to Business App, they’ll now be able to access these products from the My Products tab.

Multiple accounts

This feature is only available for Partners on a paid subscription.

To activate products for multiple accounts at once, you need to first add those accounts to a List. Once you have created the List:

  1. Go to Partner Center > Accounts > Lists.

  2. Click on the List you want to activate products for. Click the Actions button in the top right, then click Activate Product or Activate Add-on.

  3. Select the product(s) you want to activate.

    Can't find the product in the list?

    • Make sure to start selling the product.

    • If you've just started selling the product, refresh your browser. It may take a few minutes to appear on the list.

  4. Click Activate.

If your customers have access to Business App, they’ll now be able to access these products from the My Products tab.

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