Customer Voice: Email signature widget

What is it?

The widget gives Customer Voice users a personalized email signature ready to copy and paste into their email signature settings. The signature prompts its receiver to leave a review for the business through a simple call to action: "How did we do? Click to rate your experience of [business name]".


Why is it important?

Email is one of the most efficient ways for companies to communicate with their customers. Tacking on an email signature asking for a review is a simple and non-invasive way to ask for customer feedback. 

This feature will allow businesses to proactively ask for customer reviews through every email they send out to their customers. 

How will it work?

This new feature is available to all users of Customer Voice Standard and Pro.

  • Go to Customer Voice > Tools > Widgets 
  • Email Signature Widget: Select where you would like to collect reviews by selecting My Listing or Preferred Sources
  • Click Copy email signature widget
  • Paste into the email signature of your email-sending platform (i.e. Gmail). The widget will automatically pull the business name into the signature as shown below.


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