Suggested Review Responses

Creating templated review responses has never been easier! We included a few templates out of the box, but we encourage you to add any you think may benefit your team. Review response suggestions work the same way they do in Multi-Location Business App. For details on using these, we encourage you to read the Multi-Location Business App article.

Why are Suggested Review Responses Important?

Creating hand-crafted review responses are incredibly personable, but they can cause fatigue and reduce efficiencies. Suggested Review Responses make scaling easy when your clients see higher than average reviews on review sites.

How do suggested review responses work?

Similar to Reputation Management and Multi-Location Business App, responses will be randomized based on the review response's criteria.


How to create a review response template

  1. Log in to Task Manager.
  2. Go to Settings > Task generation > Reputation Management.
  3. Click Manage Templates.

   4. Click + Add New Template.

   5. Add a title, enter the response, and choose what star rating the template is meant for. Optionally, they can also set the business categories that the review response is applicable for.

   6. click Save.

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