Analytics in Reputation Management: Getting Started

Reputation Management > Analytics surfaces important data from your clients’ online reviews. This new page features the top trending keywords found in customer reviews and assigns a sentiment score from -1 (extremely negative) to +1 (extremely positive), to each word. You can see what words are used to describe the keywords, such as friendly or fast, and the sentiment of those words. A timeline shows how the sentiment has trended over time and whether the frequency of the keywords has trended up or down. Click on a keyword or a descriptive word to see all the reviews the word appears in. 

It is important to know how people are experiencing your clients' businesses. Online reviews are a critical source of customer feedback, however, analyzing reviews at scale can be impossible. Using a tool to analyze important aspects of a business can lead to a deeper understanding of customer needs and allow the business to make smart decisions based on data. 

How does it work?

Go to Reputation Management > Analytics > Keywords

Here you will be able to explore and analyze:

  • The top Trending Keywords that are used by your clients’ customers in their online reviews
  • The top Descriptive Words that are used to describe the Trending Keywords
  • An analysis of the sentiment of the Trending Keywords and the Descriptive Words
  • The number of mentions of the Trending Keywords and if the mentions are increasing or decreasing
  • The direction of the trend line indicates if the sentiment of that word has become more positive or more negative compared to the last period. The small arrow will show the change in mentions compared to the last period.
    • For example, the keyword Arrangements is overall positive in sentiment. Compared to the last period, it has increased in positive sentiment and has been mentioned two times since the last time period. 


  • Click on a Trending Keyword to see:
    • The number of reviews it appears in
    • The number of times it has been mentioned overall
    • The words used to describe it and sentiment analysis of those words
    • The graph shows how often a keyword has been used over a period of time displayed with the corresponding sentiment for that date
    • Hover over the line in the graph to view the sentiment and number of mentions for a specific date
  • Click on a Descriptive Word to see:
    • All the reviews that word has been mentioned in
    • If there are no descriptive words listed, that means there were none found for the date range you have selected
  • On the Manage Reviews page:
    • You will see some of the top trending keywords from your reviews, their sentiment of them, and the number of times they have been mentioned
    • Click on a trending keyword to go directly to the Keywords page and see more details about that particular keyword
    • You can toggle between Keywords and Wordcloud by clicking the button in the top right corner

In Multi-Location Business App:

Go to Reputation > Insights

Here you will have the ability to explore and analyze Trending Keywords and Descriptive Words in the same way as listed above in the directions for a single location.




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