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One of the key benefits of using Task Manager for Google Q&A is the ability to respond to questions directly from Task Manager. You are notified when new questions are posted, you can keep track of a large number of accounts without needing to manually check them repeatedly. In Task Manager, there are a few basics to set up Google Q&A tasks.


Why are Google Q&A Tasks Important?

Google Q&A is used to let potential customers ask specific questions about a business. These are powerful for a few reasons:

  • Answering questions here helps clarify for other customers who might be wondering the same thing.
  • They are a great opportunity to humanize a business and show that the business cares about potential customers.


How to Use Google Q&A Tasks:

1. To populate Google Q&A tasks, you'll first need to connect the Google account in Reputation Management for each account.

2. If there are questions that need an answer, a task will be automatically be created. To respond to the questions asked:

  1. Navigate to Open Task Manager > Tasks
  2. Click the Google Q&A task.
  3. Answer the question
  4. Click Answer


Turn Google Q&A on and off

Google Q&A task generation is on by default. If you wish to turn this offor back on if you've disabled thisyou can do so under Settings:

  1. Open Task Manager
  2. Go to Settings > Reputation Management
  3. Click the toggle next to Google Q&A


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