Customer Voice: Overview Page and Performance Metrics

Business owners need a way to visualize the effectiveness of review requests sent in Customer Voice. On the Customer Voice Overview page, you will see metrics for review request performance, including how many have been sent, and what percentage have been opened (open rate) and clicked on (click-through rate). Visualizing performance as a funnel can help users pinpoint specific areas for improvement (e.g. changing the subject line to increase open rate). 

Metrics will include requests sent by Email and SMS

Other additions to the Overview page include SMS usage stats and a log of recent requests sent. At a glance, business owners can see how many credits they have left and when they expire, plus request to purchase more. The recent requests log shows the latest activity, including bulk and single requests to help a user visualize the timeline of requests sent. 

How does it work?

Go to Customer Voice > Overview.

Here’s what you can expect from the redesign and new metrics:

  • A review request performance funnel on the Overview page
  • Metrics reporting on email performance over time
  • The ability to filter by a specific date range
  • The metrics shown for sent, opened, and clicked requests
  • The number of new reviews found on connected accounts


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