Social Marketing: Proactive Social Connection Messaging

Social Marketing users will now see a banner within the product when their LinkedIn social connection is close to expiring.

Why is it important?

For security reasons, LinkedIn expires social connections made through a third-party application (like Social Marketing) every 60 days. If a user has scheduled multiple social media posts to LinkedIn and their connection expires, their posts will fail. In order to stop posts from failing, it is important that users know when this connection will expire.

How does it work?

10 days before a user’s LinkedIn connection is set to expire, Social Marketing will surface a yellow banner counting down the days until expiration. It will also prompt users to go to the Connect Accounts tab and reconnect their LinkedIn account. Reconnecting a LinkedIn account should only take a couple of seconds.

Once the account is reconnected, posts will publish as scheduled.

Posts will only fail if the LinkedIn connection is completely expired. The banner gives users a proactive warning 10 days before to ensure no posts are missed.


Who gets it?

All Social Marketing users will have access to this feature.

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