Social Marketing: Posting Video to Instagram

Social Marketing users are able to publish video content on Instagram. 

Posts with video receive vastly more engagement than those without.  By allowing users to upload videos to their posts, their content will be more engaging, resulting in better traction and viewer interaction.

How does it work? 

Users can upload a .mp4 or .mov video that is a maximum of 60 seconds in length through the Social Marketing composer.

A new addition to this composer is the ability to post a video as a Reel. Posting as a Reel also allows you to upload videos that are a maximum of 90 seconds in length. You can do this by selecting the "Post as a Reel on Instagram" checkbox:


(To learn more about Instagram Reels through Social Marketing, click here)


Once uploaded they will be able to publish or schedule the video post without any issues. 

Social Marketing users will be able to post videos to both Instagram and Facebook at the same time. 


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