Social Marketing - Facebook Video

Users of Social Marketing are able to upload videos directly to Facebook through Social Marketing.

Posts with video receive vastly more engagement than those without.  By allowing users to upload videos to their posts, their content will be more engaging, resulting in better traction and viewer interaction.

How does it work?

  1. Drag, paste, or choose a video file to upload.
  2. From Social Marketing > Compose, find the Media
    • If clicking the media box, you will open the Add Media sidebar.
  3. Wait for your video to upload, then click Post Now.
    • You can alternatively schedule the post or save it as a draft.


Please note the following requirements for Facebook videos:

Social Network Minimum Resolution Maximum Resolution Maximum File Size Aspect Ratio Maximum Length Supported File Types
Facebook N/A* N/A* 10GB Must be between 9x16 and 16x9 4 hours .mp4, .mov

* No set value.

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