How to use Recommended Packages

Whether you’re a new partner who’s only beginning to set up your store or an experienced Partner who wants to offer local businesses a focused and effective suite of services, Recommended Packages provide a Vendasta-curated set of products designed to offer maximum value to your customers.

There are currently many Recommended Packages available, each designed to provide a complete solution within a range of needs:

  • SEO Solution
  • Reputation Essentials
  • Ads Accelerator
  • Social Accelerator
  • Website Creation / Hosting Solution
  • Listings & Presence

How does it work?

To view Recommended Packages in Partner Center, go to Marketplace > Packages > Recommended Packages.


Here, you’ll be able to view available packages and find out more about them. Click on any package to view its products and see a preview of how it will appear in your store.  


Once you’ve found a package you want to offer, click Copy to set its name, the markets it will be offered in, and its retail pricing. You can then either save the package for further editing by clicking Save as Draft, or click Save and Publish to immediately begin offering the package in the markets you selected.


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