Snapshot Report: Instagram Assessment

The Snapshot Report allows your Salespeople to see how their prospects are doing on Instagram!

Instagram for business isn’t just a “nice-to-have.” Instagram helps businesses generate brand awareness, attract new customers, boost customer satisfaction, and much more.

With an Instagram needs assessment built right into the Snapshot Report, your salespeople can uncover previously undiscovered needs and then prescribe social solutions like Social Marketing or Concierge.

How does it the Instagram assessment work?

When your salespeople create a Snapshot Report, the platform automatically assesses the prospect’s profile on Instagram.

Under the Social section of the report, your salespeople will then see how the prospect compares to the industry in terms of the number of followers and posts.

If the platform couldn’t find a profile, that means either the prospect doesn’t have one or the one they have needs improvement. Either way, they’ll need your help to get found!

The prospect’s Instagram performance is factored into their Social grade, much like Facebook and X.

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