Social Marketing: See drafts in your calendar

Social Marketing users can create and plan their content calendar more efficiently. Draft posts can be scheduled and viewed in the calendar, allowing users to plan their content without the concern of posts going live before they are finalized.

With this feature, users can create drafts and schedule these drafts in their Social Marketing Calendar. Users can then make further edits, making sure that the post does not get published before it is finalized. This helps users save time and eliminate the need for manual work and spreadsheets when creating their content calendar.

This is especially useful for Partners who fulfill social posting services for their clients who plan and create their own content calendar.

How do I get drafts to appear on my calendar?

In order to have drafts appear on the calendar, you'll first need to save them with a scheduled date:

  1. Open the composer by either clicking Compose or by editing an existing draft
  2. Under Publish, select On Scheduled Date
  3. Choose the date and time
  4. Click Save draft



This draft will now appear under My Posts > Calendar.


What happens when the scheduled date arrives?

If a post is saved as a draft with a scheduled date, nothing will happen. The post will remain as a draft and not be posted to any of your selected networks.

Where will my posts appear in Social Marketing?


Draft feed

Scheduled feed



Draft saved without a scheduled date


The post will not be published unless scheduled or published immediately

Draft saved with a scheduled date



The post will not be published unless scheduled or published immediately

Scheduled post



The post will automatically be published on the scheduled date


How do I differentiate drafts from scheduled posts? 

Drafts will be marked with a pencil icon or with an orange heading, depending on the calendar's view.



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