What is the difference between the Snapshot Report and the Executive Report?

The Snapshot Report and the Executive Report are two of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Used together, they can not only help you sign more clients but retain them.

What's the difference?

The short answer is that they are used at different points in your relationship:

  • The Snapshot Report is used before you've formed a business relationship to pitch your services and products to prospects.
  • The Executive Report is used after you have a business relationship to give them insights into the state of their online presence.

Snapshot Report

The Snapshot Report is a marketing needs assessment that uncovers a prospect’s performance in six categories: business listings, reviews, social media, website, advertising, SEO, and eCommerce.

Use the Snapshot Report to start conversations with your prospects, highlight gaps in their marketing, and propose optimal solutions.


Cheat Sheet for Snapshot Report

Academy course: Become a Snapshot Ninja

Executive Report

The Executive Report is your client’s single source of truth for the state of their online presence. It gives your clients a rollup of everything that’s happening across all of their digital marketing channels in the last week or month. This report is white-labeled, so it automatically appears under your brand. This automated report gives your clients a first-hand look at the return on their investment—it’s a great way to build trust, position yourself as an expert, and show how you’re delivering week over week.


Executive Report Overview

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