Adding packages to your Snapshot Reports

As a visual representation of online performance, Snapshot Reports can be an effective way to engage with your clients. As they actively take in the details of the report, it's a great opportunity to encourage them to take specific actions, such as contacting their assigned salesperson or to schedule a meeting.

In addition, we've given you the ability to direct your clients straight to the packages and services you offer. This is a great way to draw their attention to your solutions without having to go through a salesperson, and is ideal if you offer any free versions as they'll be able to use them almost immediately. 

Adding packages from Partner Center

To enable package call-to-actions within the Snapshot Report from Partner Center, go to Administration > Customize > Sales > Edit Default Snapshot Template.


Locate the specific section you'd like to enable a package for. Scroll down to the bottom of that section until you see Edit Message.


Below the call-to-action button, click Edit primary button.


Here you can change the button text and where it directs your clients. Select Package, and with the drop down menu choose the specific  package you'd like your client's to click through to.

Note: You can only add packages and services that have been added to your store from the marketplace. 

Click Save, and from now on when a Snapshot Report is run in either Partner Center or Sales & Success Center, that button will take the client to the selected package or service. 

Adding packages from Sales & Success Center

We've also given salespeople the ability to add packages, so if they want to tailor a particular prospect's Snapshot Report to their specific needs, they can. 

Note: While you can change an entire Snapshot template from Partner Center, salespeople can only change one report at a time. 

For a salesperson to customize a client's Snapshot report, they'll need to log in to their Sales & Success Center account. 

Once logged in, they'll need to locate the account in question and open up their Snapshot Report. This can be done either from the manage accounts page or within the account itself. 



Once they've accessed the specific Snapshot Report, the process is identical to the steps taken in Partner Center. 

  • Locate the specific section you want to add the package to and find Edit Message at the bottom.
  • Below the call-to-action button, click Edit primary button.
  • Select Packages, and choose the package you'd like the button to direct the client to.
  • Click Save.

Note: Similar to adding packages in Partner Center, salespeople can only add packages and services that you've currently made available in your store. 

And with that, once a client clicks that button within the Snapshot Report, they'll be taken directly to the service or package you've selected, allowing them quicker access to your solutions. 

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