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Task Manager users can enable visibility to projects in Business App. This allows clients to view real-time progress reporting on projects, see what's next, and even communicate with fulfillment teams about the project.



How does it work?

Set visibility on a project

 You can set task and project visibility when you create a project. To do so...

  1. Fill in the project creation screen as per usual.
  2. After adding at least 1 task, click Show Project in Business App.


    • Alternatively, you can select Show Task in Business App on any task.

      Note: Selecting the Show Progress in Business App option will set all tasks to be visible by default. You can manually change task statuses within each task's box.

      3. Click Create Project.

Preview your project

The preview will appear to the right of the project creation form.



Watch Video Walkthrough

Odds and ends

There are a few other details of interest:

  • To show a project in Business App, at least one task needs to be made visible as well.
  • Project visibility can be edited after the project has been created by clicking on the blobid0.png next to the Project name in Task Managerblobid2.png
  • You are able to edit visibility at any time on a template.blobid3.png
  • Tasks without an associated project cannot be shown in Business App.
  • When a task is completed in Task Manager and it's been set to show in Business App, that task will appear with a checkmark, and the progress bar for the project will fill.

Video Walkthrough

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