Importing WordPress sites into Website Pro

To import your WordPress sites into Website Pro, follow these steps:

1. Create an Account

Go to the Accounts tab in Partner Center and create an account for each of your clients. All you’ll need is a single piece of business information—like their business name—and our system will find the rest. (Instructions)

  • If you are on any of the paid subscriptions, you can also import your accounts via the Lists tab in Partner Center. (Instructions)

2. Activate Website Pro

Select the account in Partner Center and activate Website Pro. (Instructions)

  • You can use the Lists tab in Partner Center to do this for every account at once (if you're on a paid subscription).

3. Create a New Site

For each account in Partner Center, launch Website Pro and create a site. All you’ll need is their name, tagline, and domain.

4. Migrate the Old Site

Option A: DIY

Use a plugin like All-in-One WP Migration to migrate your WordPress sites. (Instructions)

Option B: Do It For Me

If you’d like Vendasta to migrate your sites for you;

  1. Submit this form to provide us with key details about your migration.
  2. A member of our Website Pro team will email you to begin the migration.
  3. We'll move a copy of each site to Website Pro and put it on a temporary domain.
  4. You’ll repoint the domains and DNS records to Website Pro.

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