How do I set up Google Insights in Local SEO?

On February 6th, 2023, Google stopped supporting APIs that power our Google Insights data and countless other 3rd-party companies using Google to power their data. These changes have affected multiple areas in the platform - Local SEO, Social Marketing, Multi-Location, the Executive Report, and the Google Business Overview page in Business App. 

The following metrics are no longer supported by Google and will not be available to view or download after March 30th:

  • Search Types; found in Local SEO, the Executive Report, and Multi-Location
  • Photo Views; found in Local SEO, the Executive Report, and Multi-Location
  • Photo Quantities; found in Local SEO, the Executive Report, and Multi-Location
  • Post PerformanceReach, Engagement & Posts for Google Business Profile, found in Social Marketing

Please note that all other metrics not listed above will remain in the platform and have now been migrated to be supported via Google's new API. Historical data for these metrics can still be viewed up to March 30th, 2023, but only historical data up to February 6th will populate. If you wish to turn off the cards for these old metrics, please contact Support to do so. 

For more information on this, please see our full article on the Important Changes to Google Insights Data.


To set up Google Insights in Local SEO, you or your clients can follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Local SEO > Google Insights.
  2. Click Connect Google Business Profile. If your client does not already have a Google Business Profile account, they can click Create a Google Business Profile account to sign up.mceclip0.png
  3. Once your client has connected their Google Business Profile account, they will be able to view their Google Insight reporting for important online consumer activity data such as:


    • Searches - how customers search for your client’s business
    • Customer views - where customers view your client’s business on Google
    • Customer actions - the most common actions that customers take on your client's business listing


    This new metric gives clients insight into the search terms that show their Google Business Profile in the search results, providing insight into their SEO and the keywords that help them get found. 

    download (65).png

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