You can compose a social post from anywhere within Social Marketing.

  1. Click Compose or +Create a single post in the Overview.
  2. Select the accounts you wish to post under the Post to heading.
  3. Compose the post under the Content heading. This will be combined with the media uploaded in the next step when the post goes live. You can use the following to assist with your post:
    • allows you to generate content using AI. Read more about AI in Social Marketing here
    • blobid5.png  save the post as a template for future use. 
    • blobid9.png  allows you to shorten a link. This is useful when posting to social media sites (such as X) that have strict character limits.
    • blobid8.png allows you to locate relevant content to share. This will include RSS feeds (a web feed that allows companies to post content in a standardized format) and content based on the business category and searches configured. 
      • You can configure content searches at any time using the Content option on the left-hand side of non-composer pages. 
    • blobid7.png  allows you to insert an emoji.
  4. Upload an image or video by clicking on the Media section. You can also choose to paste or drag the file to this section. This file will go out with the post as though you were creating the post directly on the social media site.
    • Please note that an image is required if posting to Instagram.
    • Refer to our Image and Video Requirements for supported file formats, resolutions, and file sizes.
  5. Choose when the post should go out by selecting an option under the Publish heading.
    • Selecting On Scheduled Date will require you to select a future date. The Post Now button will be updated to Schedule Post.
  6. If posting to Google Business Profile, you can tweak the post by clicking on the Google Business Profile options. Here, you'll have the following options:
    • Make this an event - Creates an event when posting to Google Business Profile. This is a great way to net business-free advertising as these posts will show up in Google searches.
    • Add a call to action - This allows you to direct users to a specific webpage, giving your clients fine-tuned control of where they'd like users to end up.
  7. After confirming your post looks correct in the previews to the right, you have three options:
    • Post Now - If the publish date is set to immediate, this button will send the post out to each of the social networks you've selected.
    • Schedule Post - If the publish date is set to go out on a scheduled date, this will schedule the post for that time.
    • Save Draft - this allows you to save the post as a draft. This is useful if you'd like to come back to it later. You can view draft posts at any time under My Posts > Drafts.

Character limits

While not all social networks are designed with strict character limits like X, it's important for posts to be of a readable length.

When posting to multiple networks, the Social Marketing Composer will limit your post according to the network with the lowest limit. The character count of your post is tracked above the Content box in the Composer.

Network Facebook X LinkedIn Instagram Google Business Profile
Character limit 63,206 280 1300 2,200  1,500


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