Changing the Account Assignee in Task Manager

All accounts in Task Manager have an assignee. Account assignees are commonly designated to determine who the primary point of contact is or who is managing the fulfillment of the Account. Once an account has an assignee, you can use Filters to find all accounts associated with an assignee.


Why are account assignees important?

The account assignee field is also responsible for:

  • When a client asks a question through Business App, the account assignee is notified
  • A visual indicator to other agents of who the primary point of contact is
  • Tracking how many accounts an assignee manages at once to balance team workloads

How to assign an account in Task Manager:

  1. Navigate to Partner Center > Fulfillment > Open Task Manager > Accounts
  2. Find the account
    • If you don't see the account, you may need to remove yourself from the account filters
  3. Click on the name in the Assignee column
  4. Select the new assignee 

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