Creating Order Forms

One of the key benefits of integrating your app through Vendor Center is the ability to create custom order forms. These allow you to request specific information from your clients when activating the app, allowing you to better fulfill their needs.

When to use an Order Form 

You should use an order form if you need any additional information to fulfill the needs of your clients. Some common examples are requesting shipping information for physical products, content restrictions/preferences for digital services, and any baseline configuration settings you need to best set up a digital product.

Creating an Order Form

  1. From Vendor Center > App Name > Product Information > Order Form, toggle the Use Order Form > Build Form.
    • This will be enabled by default if you selected this option when creating your app.
  2. Choose any of the common form fields you require.
    • These are optional to avoid completed order forms from containing irrelevant information.
  3. Click Add Form Field.
  4. Expand the New Form Field item that will have appeared.

Creating a Form Field

You will be given the following for each form field:

  • Required - This field is required to be completed for the order form to be submitted.
  • Hidden from end users - This question will not be shown to end users
  • Office editable only - Answers to this question cannot be changed by end users
  • Type - The type of field - For example, dropdown, check box text area, ect.
  • Label – What your field will be called. For example, if you need to request a secondary contact, you may call this field Secondary Contact.
  • Id  – A unique identifier for your field. This isn’t shown to users filling out the form, so just make sure to choose something unique.
  • Required Specifies if the user is required to fill out this field.
  • Hint Text – Provide context for the field itself. This will be shown to users in the form, so use this whenever you need to provide additional information.

Types of Form Fields

There are various types of form fields available. Underneath each is an example of that field as it would appear in Partner Center when activating a product:

  • Files – Used to request specific files from a client. This is useful if you have a signed PDF document that needs to be attached.
    • By default, you can leave the Upload URL blank. By filling this in, we will upload the files to the URL presented.
  • Drop-Down – A multi-option field. You can add options by selecting Add Option. On the Option field, enter the first user choice. Continue repeating until you’ve added each option.
  • Check Box – Similar to the Drop Down form type, this allows you to present the user with a single option in the form of a checkbox.

  • Text Area – An open-ended input that allows users to type long answers. This is especially useful when requesting a description from the client.

  • Text Box – An input box that allows users to enter text for simple answers. You can add a prefix and suffix to this, as well as add regex validation (answers must be in a specific format.)
    • One example might be that you want users to enter their website. You may start with a prefix of ‘www.’ and a suffix of ‘.com’.

  • End User – Requires users of the product to be associated with a specific Business App user.
    • You can ignore this in most cases.

If you ever wish to see what your order form will look like for your clients, you can preview it at any time by clicking Preview.


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