How listings are matched for a Service Area Business

Please note: If a business is listed as a service area business on the Google Business Profile directly, it will not be found by Reputation Management, and therefore will not pull into the Snapshot Report. This is due to a limitation with the Google API that powers our listing search. To have the Google listing pulled into the Snapshot Report, please connect it directly in Reputation Management. 

If you have checked Service Area Business in the address section of a client's Business Profile, our system will continue to attempt to make a match to your business listing and pull them into our platform.

If the address on an external listing source accurately matches the information you have listed in the Business Profile it will be pulled into our platform and marked as an accurate listing.  

If the address does not match what is on the listing source, the listing will be marked as a 'listing found with possible errors' and will need to be edited on the external source.


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