Listings: How the point-based Listing Score is calculated

How is the point-based Listing Score calculated?

With data from reputable sources such as Alexa and Moz, we identified the Top 100 Online Business Directories. We then assigned scores to each site based on its popularity (i.e. Popular sites like Google Maps will have a greater influence on the Listing Score). You are also able to adjust whether your listing score is calculated based on the world, country, state/province, or city-level comparisons of the industry average. This allows you to broaden, or narrow your results to better suit your client's location. 

We assess the accuracy of your clients’ listings on the top 30 sites and adjust the score accordingly:

  • Good match = 100% of assigned points 
  • Partial Match = Partial assigned points 

The remainder of sites in the top 100 is assigned a score of five, regardless of accuracy, and all sites outside of the top 100 are assigned a score of two, regardless of accuracy. This includes some Primary Listings and Other Citations. The one exception to this is Foursquare, which is a top 100 listing but is assigned a score of two, regardless of accuracy.

Please be aware that adding and removing sources in Partner Center > Customize > Listing Sources–or within Reputation Management–may result in an account's score changing.

Removed sources are not included in the Listing Score calculation, which may cause the score to drop.

Newly enabled sources where listings are found will cause the score to increase.

To see the points assigned to each site, download the point sheet below.

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