Advertising Intelligence: Marchex Call Tracking Metrics and Call Recordings

Partners with advertising campaigns managed by Vendasta’s Digital Ads team can now use Advertising Intelligence to see Marchex call tracking metrics and download their call recordings.

What’s the benefit?

You now have the ability to see how many phone calls came in as a direct result of your ad campaigns, as well as some basic metrics around each call. Seeing these phone calls lets you know how successful a campaign is at driving call conversions, and you can determine how many of your client’s daily calls are a result of your digital advertising efforts.

Listening to call recordings tells you whether or not your digital ads are generating high-quality leads. You'll be able to discover if there are any common questions consumers have after seeing your ad, how many phone calls are serious inquiries, and how many actually result in a purchase.

How does it work? 

If you’re running ad campaigns with Vendasta’s Marketing Services, our Digital Ads team can now connect a Marchex phone number to Advertising Intelligence. Currently, this is only available for single phone numbers, not entire accounts. Once the phone number has been connected, the call data can be seen in Advertising Intelligence.

Within Advertising Intelligence, click on any campaign that has a phone number connected, and go to the Phone Calls tab. Here, you will see the date/time, phone number, call status, call classification, and call duration. Under the call duration, click the highlighted link to listen to and download each call recording.


Marchex Phone Call Data in the Executive Report

Ad campaigns with this add-on will have their 'phone call leads' tracked as a separate 'Lead source.' These metrics will be displayed within our reports, the Business App, and roll up into the Executive Report.

With this advanced Lead classification, we are ensuring data consistency within Business App, the Executive Report, and Advertising Intelligence.

What’s the Digital Ads team?

We have an in-house team of certified advertising specialists that can run campaigns for your clients on multiple platforms and provide reports with proof of performance. By outsourcing work to Vendasta’s Digital Ads team, you can save time, reduce your costs, and sell more advertising solutions. 

What’s Advertising Intelligence?

Advertising Intelligence is a white-label PPC reporting product that allows your clients to bring their digital ads data under one roof for easy comparison. It allows them to get the metrics that matter, pinpoint what’s making them money, and use insights to fuel future campaigns. 

Advertising Intelligence lets you do all of this for your clients under your own brand, within Vendasta’s end-to-end e-commerce platform. You get to save time and overhead with automated and consolidated reporting, add your management markup fees to all reporting, and show your clients how their ad spend is paying off with an optional ROI calculator.

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