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The Guides section of the Business App showcases a collection of articles that can help inform your clients on how to manage their digital presence and succeed online. You can use our prewritten white-label content, or alternatively, you can display your own custom guides from your own WordPress blog.

You can show tailor-made content directly to your customers with custom guides powered by WordPress. This can include anything from help articles to talk tracks to sales pitches.

How to display your own content

If you want to show your own custom content in the Guides area of the Business App, you need to connect Guides to your own WordPress blog. Once configured, Guides content will display articles from your own blog. You can also ensure Guides only displays certain WordPress articles using tags.

Adding your WordPress blog's URL

  1. Go to Partner Center > Administration > Customize Business App. 
  2. Select the Guides tab. 
  3. Check off Use your own WordPress blog and enter your WordPress blog URL.

    Note: This URL is often different from the homepage of your WordPress website. These will generally take the form of This can be found by navigating to the blog on your site.

  4. Optional - Enter any tag IDs you wish to filter to. Only blogs that contain one or more of the tag IDs entered will display in Business App. Note: Tag IDs are the numerical values assigned to your tags in WordPress. For details, see Find your tag IDs, below.
  5. Optional - Check the Embed title in the first article image checkbox. This will showcase the title on the first image within the blog.
  6. Click Save.

Your blog will now be used as the source of guides in the Business App.

Note: If you have not entered a valid WordPress blog URL, or the URL does not work for any reason, no guides will display in Business App. For this reason, we recommend checking Business App to ensure it displays correctly after saving your changes in Partner Center.

Find your tag IDs

When you tag a post in WordPress, that tag is assigned a static ID. You'll need this in order to filter your blogs.

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Hover over Posts in the side panel.
  3. Click Tags. If you've tagged posts previously, you'll see those listed on the right of the page. If not, you can create a new tag on the left.
    Once a tag exists:
  4. Click on the tag.
  5. In the URL, copy the number after tag_id=.




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