Multi-Location Business App Overview

The Multi-Location Business App is available to Vendasta Partners on certain subscription tiers

Insights on all your businesses, in one place. Multi-Location Business App is a roll-up of Reputation, Listing, Google Business Profile, Social, and Advertising analytics to allow Brand Managers to monitor and improve their franchise’s online SEO.


Multi-Location supports the ability to oversee thousands of franchise locations, giving your team the ability to quickly organize important digital marketing metrics so you can easily see how all your locations are doing compared to each individual location.


See the big picture with insights:

  • Custom date picker, to compare current performance to the previous period.
  • Visualize data in trendlines, sortable tables, and interactive maps.
  • Filter by geographic region.


Find the outliers:

  • Each business is given a comparative grading, against other businesses in the brand.
  • Colors indicate the best and worst performers, allowing you to identify outliers.
  • Use table sorting and filters to find successes and issues.

Quickly access common workflows:

  • Respond to and manage reviews for all locations.
  • Manage and correct listings for all locations.
  • Drill down into single locations to access products, view account details, and examine the single-location executive report.
  • Create and publish Facebook posts for multiple locations in one go.

Currently supported metrics:

  • Reviews (requires ‘Reputation Management’ for each location)
  • Listings (requires ‘Reputation Management’ or ‘Listing Sync Pro’ for each location)
  • Google Business Profile (requires free authentication for each location)
  • Social Posting (requires 'Social Marketing' for each location)
  • Advertising (required 'Advertising Intelligence' for each location)

Note: For accounts that don’t have Reputation Management or Listing Sync Pro enabled, Reputation and Listing Data can also temporarily be pulled in for 7 days by running a Snapshot Report for each location.


How to setup Multi-Location Business App

To begin, you first need to create a Multi-location Group - there are 2 ways to do this


  1. In the Partner Center > Navigate to the Businesses tab > Multi-location Groups; click on the Create Group button
  2. Enter the Group Name, Market(if applicable), and Location > Click on Create Group
  3. Click on Add accounts > Click on the + sign next to each of the accounts you intend to add to the new Group (there's an option to also create Sub-groups)

    Note: If you want to create sub-groups, you will need to create at least one sub-group before adding accounts to the Multi-Location Group. If no sub-group has been created, then the option for creating sub-groups is not available after adding accounts.

     B) Start by creating a list of all the businesses you’d like included in this Group:

    • In Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts, use the search or the filters to narrow the results down to the businesses you want to add to the list. Then select the button labeled Add x to List at the top right, and create a new list.
    • You can also add businesses one at a time, by selecting ⋮ next to the Account and then, “Add to List”.
  • Next, when your list is ready, create a Group from the list:
    • In Partner Center > Businesses > Lists, select the ⋮ on the list you’ve created, and then choose “Create Multi-location Group”
    • Decide on a name (This name will appear in Business App to all users) and choose to organize by geographic region, unless you’ve set up specific tags for each location and would like to have sub-groupings based on tags.

Give users access to view Groups in Multi-location Business App

  • In Partner Center > Businesses > Users, find (or create) the user you’d like to grant access to.
  • Select the ⋮ on that user, and choose “Edit Permissions”
  • At the top of the Permissions page, select the second tab called “Groups”
  • Select the “Add Group” button on the right.
  • Select ➕ on all groups this user should have access to, so they become ✅
    • TIP: Create yourself as a user, and give yourself access to all Groups you’ve created, to make it easy to log in and review them in the future.

View Multi-Location Business App at any time by impersonating a user that has been granted access to a Group.  To impersonate, find a user in Partner Center > Businesses > Users, select the ⋮ and choose “impersonate”  (You can also tap ‘/’ on your keyboard while in Partner Center to quick search for a user to impersonate)

Your clients can view it by logging into Business App, once they’ve been granted permission.

    • Once logged into Business App, in the top left, choose “Switch Locations” to navigate from the single-location Business App to Multi-location Business App.
    • Select the Group.
    • You’ve made it! 

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