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Q: Should I create a Sales Order or an Order?

A: If you'd like to present a quote to your customer for them to approve your suggested solution directly from Vendasta's Partner Center, and collect payment prior to activating the products (and incurring wholesale charges), create a Sales Order.

If you'd prefer to present your suggested solution and collect confirmation of purchase from your client outside of Vendasta's Partner Center, create an Order.

Q: Do orders always show retail price?

A: Yes - orders show the retail price. If there is no retail price set in Marketplace > Products > Product info > Retail price, it follows the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

Q: How can I move products from one client's account to another?

A: Unfortunately, activated products cannot be transferred across accounts in Partner Center.

If the client wishes to discontinue the product(s) on one account to continue on another, then the products would need to be canceled and force deactivated on the account, and re-activated on the other account.

Q: Why do I see "Activation warnings" when reviewing an order?

A: Generally, Activation Warnings will be displayed beside products and packages in a Sales Order if the same product(s) are already active on the account.

To activate the remaining product in that order you will have to proceed with the approval but products that are already active on the account will not be altered.

Q: How do I ignore activation errors in orders?

A: If you have an order with activation errors, you can choose to ignore those errors.

Ignore individual errors

  1. Go to Partner Center > Commerce > Orders.
  2. You can filter to orders with these errors under Order Filters > Status > Activation errors.
  3. Click on the kebab at the end of the row for the order with the activation error > Ignore Errors.


Ignore all errors within one Order

  • Go to Partner Center > Commerce > Orders.
  • Click on an Order with the status Activation errors.
    • You can filter orders with these errors under Order Filters > Status.
  • Click Ignore All Errors.


Q: Can I turn off the Buy-it-Yourself (BIY) experience in the platform?

A: Yes, learn how here.

Q: What happens if I decline an order cancellation request?

A: If you or another admin declines an order cancellation request, the order will go back to its prior state. For example, if a Salesperson submitted the request when the order was pending, the order will go back to pending when the cancellation request is denied.

Note: Canceling an order will not cancel any products.

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