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This FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions about Marketplace > Manage Store.

Does my Public Store have all the same packages that my Business App Store has?

Yes - any packages that are visible in your Public Store will also be visible in your Business App store. 

Note that if you are utilizing Markets to offer different Stores to different accounts, you can choose which Market’s Public Store to display on your website by using the Market selector on the Marketplace > Manage Store page. 

Why does my Shopping Cart automatically apply tax rates?

The tax rates that you have defined will be automatically applied to Shopping Cart purchases, as well as sales orders generated from Shopping Carts containing items that can’t be purchased with a credit card. The application of tax rates is based on the address of the account, according to the regions for which you have specified tax rates. 

Note that if no tax rates for a given region have been created, purchases and sales orders conducted through the Shopping Cart by customers located in the region will not have a tax rate applied to them.

Which currencies/payment methods can the Shopping Cart accept?

Partners can set up Vendasta Payments to accept credit card payments via invoices and the Shopping Cart.

Vendasta Payments currently accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

By default, the currency that you accept for online payments is the currency that you use in your billing relationship with Vendasta (your contract currency). 

Why doesn’t my Shopping Cart show the option to pay with a credit card?

If a customer’s cart contains one or more packages with the following settings, they will be unable to purchase the contents of their cart using a credit card. Instead, the checkout process will submit a sales order for the contents of their cart.

  • Packages using the Starting price option
  • Packages using the Contact Sales option
  • Packages that are using the old package pricing settings 

For partners who have not set up Vendasta Payments to accept credit card payments from your customers, the Shopping Cart checkout process will always submit a sales order.

Why can’t my package be purchased through the Shopping Cart?

The Purchase Behaviour setting allows Partners to specify the behavior and messaging of the button in the Pricing section of a package in their Store.

  1. Navigate to Partner Center > Packages
  2. Search and edit package
  3. Select Add to Shopping Cart under this setting to allow your customers to add a specific package to their Shopping Cart.

How do I remove the "Sign In" button on my Public Store?

The default Public Store has a "Sign In" button in the top right corner. It is possible to remove this "Sign In" button when embedding your store.

To remove the 'Sign In" button:

  1. In Partner Center, go to Marketplace > Manage Store > Public Store.
  2. Under 'Embed Code', you can choose a version of your store to embed on your website.
  3. Select 'Store without sign-in'.
  4. Copy the code and embed it on your website. This will replace the previous version of the Public Store on your website. 

Who can see my Public Store?

If you have published your Public Store to your website, any visitor to your website will be able to view your Public Store and add products to their Shopping Cart. 

Where can I find my Public Store URL?

The Public Store is available to all Partners. You can find the Store URL by navigating to Partner Center > Marketplace > Manage Store > Public Store > Copy Share URL.


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