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This FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions about Marketplace > Packages.


Will the direct link to package work if the user has no access to the store?


Yes! Users should be able to purchase the package because the link leads to the shopping cart in Business App, and the workflow for the purchase doesn’t need or won’t navigate to the Store tab.


How can I add a package to multiple Markets?

If you have an existing package in one market and would like to have the same package in other markets, without building it again, you can copy it from one market, and add it to another.

To do this: 

  1. From Partner Center > Navigate to Marketplace > Packages
  2. Select a package > Click the 3 dots beside the package > Copy.
  3. From here, you can select which market to add to > hit 'Save and Publish.'
    • You can then navigate to the top of the packages page, and switch to the other market.


Can I delete multiple packages at once?

Packages can only be deleted one by one and not collectively. To remove a package permanently, you need to archive it first and then delete it.

To archive a package, navigate to Marketplace > Packages > click on the 3 dots next to the package, and select 'Archive.' Archived packages can be restored if needed by clicking on the 3 dots next to the package, and select 'Restore.'

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