Troubleshooting Guide for Package Visibility in the Business App Store

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This guide helps troubleshoot issues with not being able to see packages in the Business App store.

Common Causes: Common reasons to explain why published packages are not visible in the Business App store is failing to select a category when the package was created, not selecting which categories appear in your store, and copying your package to the correct market.


Troubleshooting Methods:


Method #1: Failed to Select a Category

  1. Navigate to Marketplace > Packages, and search for the package that you created
  2. Click on the 3 dots (options menu), and select Change Categories
  3. Once you select any of the store categories listed, the package will appear in the Business App Store tab under the selected category.


Method #2: Select which Categories Appear in Your Store

  1. Navigate to Marketplace > Manage Store > Categories
  2. Add the category, package, and toggle ‘Show in store’


Method #3: The Package has not been Copied to the Correct Market

  1. To copy the package to the desired market navigate to Marketplace > Packages.
  2. Click on the 3 vertical dots to the right of the package > Copy.
  3. Select the required market > Save and Publish.


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