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This FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions about Marketplace > Products.


Where can I manage daily digest notifications for product activations?

Within the top navigation bar on the right side of Partner Center, navigate to the Notifications icon  > Settings > Accounts > Daily Activity and deselect "Emails" as a platform wide or user level setting.


Can I change the 1-year commitment on a product?

You can adjust the retail pricing and billing frequency (one-time, monthly, or yearly) for your clients to suit your billing strategy. In the product settings for a yearly billed product, you can update the retail price to reflect a monthly cadence. I.e. in Partner Center > Marketplace > Products > Local SEO > Add Ons > Listing Sync Pro Canada > Product Info > and set the billing period to Monthly.


Please note that the wholesale frequency can't be changed.


Example:  Listing distribution's wholesale price will be charged to you annually, even if you change the retail cadence to monthly.


How can I automatically activate Standard products when an account is created?

If you would like to automatically activate Standard products when an account is created, you can toggle "Automatic Activation" on for each product. Here's how:


  1.  In Partner Center, navigate to Marketplace > Products.
  2. Click on one of the following products: Local SEO, Reputation Management, Campaigns Pro, Social Marketing, Website, or Advertising Intelligence.
  3. Select "Product Info."
  4. Toggle on "Automatic Activation."


If you change your mind while creating the account, simply uncheck the box next to the product you don't want to be activated.


This activation process doesn't work for Bulk account upload through CSV and new account creation from the store. These actions usually don’t grant automatically charging customers, which is why it is disabled for these features.


How do I disable auto product activation?

In Partner Center, go to Marketplace > Products, then choose the desired product. Under the "Product Info" tab, toggle off "Automatic Activation."


How can I rename products in the Marketplace?

These settings can be accessed in Partner Center under Marketplace > Products:

  1. Go to the Marketplace > Products > Select the product, and click Product info, 'White-label Branding.' If a product is not white-labellable, this feature is not available.
  2. Turn on the toggle, add your preferred name, then click 'Save.'
  3. If you would like to learn more about the white-label products in the Marketplace, click here.

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