Telmetrics Call Tracking Integration in Advertising Intelligence

When using Telmetrics Call Tracking to monitor calls linked to advertising campaigns, it's possible to view call tracking details directly within Advertising Intelligence. This allows you to see both campaign details and call results in one place, streamlining your workflow.

To enable this feature, ensure Advertising Intelligence - Advanced Reporting is activated, and follow the instructions below.

How to enable the Telmetrics Call Tracking Integration

Step 1: From the Telmetrics Manager, copy the API Key associated with the Telmetrics account.

Step 2: In the Connections page of Advertising Intelligence, locate the Phone call Tracking - Telmetrics tab and click the “+“ icon.

Step 3: Advertising Intelligence will ask for the API Key for the Telmetrics account. Paste the API Key in the text box provided and click on the Save Key button. 88576703-40b3-45d1-9dec-18035bd5742c.png

Step 4: Once that is done, select the numbers you wish to see in Advertising Intelligence and click the Connect account button on the top right corner. 8141a90c-bbd6-4575-b063-433bcc6b7280.png

Step 5: Select the Phone Calls option in the left navigation bar and you will find the call summaries and details for the tracking numbers you chose. 322cce21-44b7-4441-b08f-26b470aecc9b.png


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