Show or Hide the Automations Page in the Business App

As a Partner, you have the ability to customize the visibility of the client Automations features in Business App. If certain parts of the platform aren't relevant to your customers, you can easily show or hide the Automations page. This setting is conveniently located within the Automations tab under the Customize Business App settings in the Partner Center, giving you control over the user experience.
How to hide the Automations page in Business App
  1. Navigate to Partner Center > Administration > Customize business App > Automations
  2. Select or unselect the Show this Page option
  3. Save. 

The changes will now be reflected in Business App.



Q: Is this a paid feature?

A: No, it is not.

Q: Can my clients update this setting in the Business App?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Is it available to all Partners?

A: Yes the feature is available to all Partners.

Q: Do automations still work even if page is hidden? For example, could I set up and run automations for a client, but hide the access to it at the same time? 

A: Yes, automations will continue to run when the triggers are met, even if this page is hidden.

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