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For successful project management across teams and accounts, seamless collaboration and communication are essential. Task Manager empowers your fulfillment staff to act as efficient Marketing Strategists, managing digital solutions for local businesses at scale. With Task Manager, you can easily manage your projects by organizing deliverables, collaborating across teams, and providing clients with proof of performance.


Why is Task Manager important?

  • Boosts Organization: Break down your workload into manageable projects and tasks for a clearer picture.
  • Meets Deadlines: Stay on top of due dates and avoid last-minute scrambling.
  • Prioritizes Effectively: Focus on what's important by prioritizing tasks within your projects.
  • Improves Collaboration Share tasks and deadlines with others for better teamwork!


Main Components of Task Manager

  • Accounts: Keep projects organized with each client! Add accounts and assign projects to the appropriate client for clear visibility.
  • Projects: Create projects to organize tasks, assign specific users, and set deadlines. Track progress within each project and filter them for easy searching.
  • Tasks: Get a centralized view of your to-do list across all projects and accounts. Categorize tasks by status, due date, title, and more for better organization.
  • Templates: Save time with our pre-made templates designed for common agency workflows. Customize them upon adding them to your collection to match your needs perfectly.
    • To ensure smooth integration with Vendasta's Platform, some project templates are designed with specific tasks that already have built-in integration. This means these tasks can leverage Vendasta's functionalities directly, streamlining your workflow. 
      • ex. (Month) Social Calendar” template
  • Settings: Tailor your settings to personalize your project management experience and work efficiently.

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