Manage Store - Overview

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Managing your store involves customizing the store appearance and settings, preparing your store to use the shopping cart, and embedding your store on your website so your customers can buy products and services from you.

Your website visitors can then purchase your products and services instantly through the Shopping Cart within your store. This area covers the end-to-end workflow to get your store ready to embed on your website:

  • Appearance and customization
  • How to set up your public store to accept payments
  • Choosing which version of your store to embed on your website
  • How your customers will sign in or create an account before they purchase from your store
  • And how to auto assign new account to your salespeople.

Why is managing your store important?

Your customer’s shopping experience in your store is entirely dependent on how you set up your store. Your website visitors can purchase your products and services instantly through the shopping cart within your store so you want to be sure it is set up correctly and understand how it works before embedding it on your website.

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