Packages - Overview

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Packaging is the process of designing and creating different combinations of features, functions, and products you can offer customers.  Packages in the Marketplace is a centralized location to package the products into combinations - each one at a different price point - to appeal to a range of different customers. 

Why is Packaging important?

  • Packaging contributes to an efficient distribution of products while supporting branding, and emphasizing the products’ best features - creating Packages creates acquisition, expansion, and product-led paths for customers

How to Use Packages:

  • Store provides Partners with a high-level overview of the Packages configured in their Public Store, both available in Business App or embeddable on a website 
    • Easily Filter by Status (Published, Draft, or Archived), Products, or LMI Category
  • Recommended Packages provide a Vendasta-curated set of products designed to offer maximum value to your customers.
  • Create Package allows Partners to customize and create a package to add to their Store, including the ability to add the package to an invoice and allow customers to purchase through the Shopping Cart

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