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Welcome to a true partnership. Use this guide to learn what resources are available to help you feel supported while running your business. 

You can find your options for Support directly from Partner Center by clicking on the Help icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen. From this side-panel, you can find options for Vendasta Support, search the Help Center, and find contact information for support on our third-party products. Please note that your options for Support may vary depending on your subscription tier. 

Support On-Demand

All Vendasta Partners have access to our Support On-Demand department. These experts can answer your questions or put you in touch with those who can. Some examples of topics they can assist you with:

  • Platform technical assistance 
  • Foundational Product technical assistance 
  • Admin Support
  • Billing Questions 
  • Troubleshooting & Bug Reports

Support Specialists can be reached via any of the following methods:

  • Email -
  • Phone - If your subscription tier includes phone support, the phone number can be found by navigating to Partner Center > Help > Contact Us > Platform Support 
  • Chat - available in-platform by selecting Help > Contact us > Platform support > Live chat

Submitting a Support Ticket

When we need to submit a ticket to Support on-Demand, it can be difficult to know what should be included, how much information is needed, and where should the request be submitted to. The short answer is all three of these are important to you, your partner, and Support on-Demand, and following this guide will answer all three of these questions!

For the best results, please include the following information in the body of the ticket or request:

  • Partner ID
  • Account Group ID (if applicable)
  • User or team member affected (if applicable)
  • Replication Steps (This should be a TL:DR of the issue and the steps you took to replicate it)
  • Screenshots (or video) of error messages

When submitting a ticket, to Support on-Demand, your best channel is sending a ticket to Partners can also contact us using the in-platform chat to reach an agent, and contracted Partners can call in to speak with a live agent 24/7.

Here is a great example of a submitted Support Request:

 Hey Team,

Partner ID: XXXX

Account Group ID: AG-XXXXXXXXX

Partner FOOO is running into an issue with the Local SEO dashboard. Specifically within the Local SEO > Listing Distribution > Citation Statistics section, and its reporting into the Exec report. 

I've attached a video walkthrough here of what we're experiencing. 

I'm pretty sure this is not the intended function (please let me know if I am wrong) - so what can the client or I do to have the proper reporting come in?

Thanks in advance for your help! 


How can I view my ticket history?

To view your ticket history, navigate to Partner Center, click on the question mark icon on the upper right side > and select Contact Us. Then select Platform Support > View ticket history. 

Marketing Services tickets will not be available in this view. Only tickets logged with Support can be viewed. For Marketing Services ticket details, please reach out to the respective email or contact support for coordinating with Marketing Services team.

You can also sign in to the Help Center at and go to 'My Activities' to see your tickets:

Billing Support

Support On-Demand is always the best first step with questions regarding your invoice, pricing, and failed payments. However, we have a full accounting team ready to assist with questions regarding payment methods, billing information, or unexpected charges. To contact the team directly, email

Sales & Marketing

On top of the human power provided by Vendasta, please don't forget about the following resources:

Feature and Resource Requests

The Roadmap is the best place to submit your ideas and connect with our product teams! Common submissions include:

  • Feature updates
  • Marketplace product suggestions
  • Marketing resource needs

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