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Products in the Marketplace is a centralized location to understand a Partner’s enabled Products.  From, marketing, to product information and metrics, the Products tab is the best place to understand growth trends, product configuration, and more. 

Why is the Product - Overview important?

  • Understand Products at a higher level - which Products are the best-selling, which have the best growth trends, and which ones are actively selling in the store
  • Product Configuration and Customization - Adjust Product Settings including Retail Price and White-Label Branding (if Applicable), Marketing to customize the Store and experience for customers 

How to Use the Product - Overview:

All the products enabled to Start Selling can be managed under Partner Center > Marketplace > Products.

  • All Products include everything currently enabled for a Partner’s Store
  • My Products includes the Partner’s own products and services. 

From the Products Page, Partners can find specific information about each of the enabled Products including; 

  • Selling in Store: Highlights with a check mark if the Product is currently set up as a Product, or part of a Package in the Store 
  • Active Accounts: Total number of Accounts (i.e. Customers) with the Product active
  • Growth Metrics: By default, these are showing over the Last 7 Days, but can be filtered by different time frames on the page
    • Activations: Total Number of new Activations by Product over the filtered time frame
    • Pending Deactivations: Total Number of Pending Deactivations by Product over the filtered time frame
    • Deactivations: Total Number of Deactivations by Product over the filtered time frame
    • Growth: Total Growth (Activations and Deactivations compared to Active Accounts) over the filtered time frame

Click on a product to view specific information about that Product including Reseller Information, Overview, Product Info, and Add Ons:  

  • Reseller Information, customer-facing Marketing Pages, that include information on the purpose, features, and key benefits of each of the products enabled in the Store. These pages include product details, gallery images, files, and FAQs. 
  • Overview, detailed breakdown of active accounts using that product and change whether or not it appears in the store by Market. 
  • Product Info, adjust the retail price displayed in your store for that product. As well as adjust White Label Branding (If applicable), Upgrade Paths, Free Trial Experiences, and Team Access
  • Add-Ons, include a list of all applicable Add-Ons for the Product, as well as if they are active in the Store and Active Accounts

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