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The Product Marketing Page is used to educate Partners on the purpose, features, and key benefits of each of the products in the Marketplace. These pages, which include product details, gallery images, files, and FAQs, are the perfect place to learn about Marketplace Products before taking them to Market.

Why is Product Marketing important?

Enjoy top-tier sales enablement, collateral, and marketing support to help you sell solutions to your local business clients like an expert.

What is available in the Product Marketing Page:

  • Product Information: The main product information, including features, benefits, and key selling points about the Marketplace Product. 
  • FAQs: Additional information that Partners may need to know in order to make a buying decision. These typically include questions that Partners have asked or questions that Vendors anticipate may come up. 
  • Editions & Pricing: Understand the differences between the different Editions of a Product (if applicable), as well as additional details around Pricing. 
  • Screenshots & Files: Screenshots can be used to understand the app, especially to showcase the user experience. The files section is used for more in-depth resources like case studies, brochures, and documentation - everything Partners may need to close the deal with their customers. 
  • Contact Us: Vendor contact information, Sales and/or Support emails, and phone numbers depending on the Product.

Articles in this section

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