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With Vendasta’s Marketplace, you can start selling products and services from different categories within minutes. Each product comes with all the materials your team needs to get started. And the best part is that it won’t cost you anything until you make a sale!

Did you know that Partners can also add their products and services to the Marketplace? Learn how to add what you already sell by creating a custom product in Vendor Center.

Why is Marketplace important?

The Marketplace will make it easier for Partners to start offering new Marketplace products to their customers, build out a store, and manage all the products and packages they sell from one location:

  • Start selling Marketplace products in a personalized store with a single click
  • Manage the store’s contents more effectively from the Products and Packages tabs
  • Allow customers to choose the best edition for them when buying a product
  • Automatically convert a product’s suggested retail price to your store’s currency (for stores using currencies other than USD, CAD, and AUD.)

How to Use Marketplace:

Start selling Marketplace products with a single click

When Partners find a product in Discover Products they can hover the cursor over the product and select Start Selling to quickly publish the product to your Store at its suggested retail price.

Each of a product’s editions and add-ons is automatically included when you opt to Start Selling a product in the ALL category of your public store.

For partners using Markets, clicking Start Selling will automatically add the product to your store in each market.

Manage your store’s products and packages

All the products enabled to Start Selling can be managed under Partner Center > Marketplace > Products. Click on a product to view specific information about that Product including Overview, Product Info, and Add Ons:  

  • Overview, see a detailed breakdown of active accounts using that product and change whether or not it appears in the store by Market. 
  • Product Info, you can change the retail price displayed in your store for that product. As well as adjust White Label Branding (If applicable), Upgrade Paths, Free Trial Experiences, and Team Access
  • Add-Ons, see a list of all applicable Add-Ons for the Product, as well as if it’s active in the Store and Active Accounts

Visit Partner Center > Marketplace > Manage Store to view an interactive preview of your store and manage the store’s settings, including: 

  • The public store’s URL and embed codes
  • The store’s contact form
  • The product categories your store displays
  • The store’s currency and conversion rate (for stores using currencies other than USD, CAD, and AUD)
  • The appearance and color theme of the public store

Allow customers to choose the edition they want

When viewing a single product in the store customers will see a product details page that includes product details, gallery images, files, and FAQs. Directly from this page, customers can click Buy it Now to choose the edition they’d like to purchase, or compare editions under the Editions & Pricing tab and select one to add to their cart. 

Automatically convert retail prices

Products in Vendasta’s Marketplace have suggested retail prices in USD, CAD, and AUD currencies. In stores using one of those currencies, products enabled to start selling will use their suggested retail price in that currency by default. 

For stores in other currencies, Partners can now save a conversion rate from the store’s currency in the Currency section of Partner Center > Marketplace > Manage Store. This rate will be used to automatically set its retail price based on its suggested retail price in USD.

How can Partners stop selling a Marketplace Product?

To stop selling a Product in the Marketplace, navigate to Partner Center > Marketplace > Products. From here click on the product and view its Product Details page. At the bottom of the page, click Stop Selling, and then confirm to stop selling the product. 

When a Product has been changed to Stop Selling, the following will occur: 

  • Existing packages containing the product or its add-ons will be archived.
  • Existing sales orders containing the product won’t be affected. Approving them will still activate the product for the account that placed the order.
  • When creating new sales orders, the product will not be displayed.
  • Administrators won’t be able to select the product when creating packages or activate the product on accounts.
  • Existing activations will remain active with no disruption.

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