Scoring in the CRM

Lead Scoring in the CRM is designed to empower customer-facing representatives with more precise and customizable lead prioritization tools. This new feature allows CRM users to create different scores as a contact or company field based on buyer profile fit and buyer intention. By incorporating these two critical dimensions, representatives can efficiently prioritize their outreach, significantly improving their chances of closing deals and maximizing their selling time.

How to use Scoring

Step 1: Navigate to Partner Center > Administration > Score.

Step 2: Configure the positive/ negative scoring criteria and hit save.

Step 3: The score will populate on the company table right away.

Step 4: Continue to look for other businesses, or click View companies to go to the company table and start working on the businesses that you just created.

Lead scoring works out of the box for all Partners on the Professional subscription or above.


Q: Will this be available in Business App

A: Yes, it will be available in Business App soon.

Q: Can the user customize multiple scores?

A: Yes, we are looking to allow users to configure multiple different lead scores soon.


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